Karen with the Real Group in Sweden.


Motion Pictures
Godzilla, Battle: Los Angeles, The Wolfman, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Casper, American Tail II, Edward Scissorhands, Glory, Red Heat, Apocalypse Now
Heat of the Night (including co-producing music), Under the Influence, The Tonight Show, American Music Awards
Kraft Lite & Lively Cottage Cheese, Blue Diamond Ice Cream, Dallas County Community College, Defazios Markets
Frank Sinatra, The Carpenters, The Melody Sisters, The Chipmunks
Live Performance
Natalie Cole, John Schneider, Earl Brown Singers (honoring Placido Domingo, Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Julie Andrews). Clark, Dinah Shore

Other Entertainment Credits
Correspondence for Carol Burnett
Music Librarian
Score preparation, including feature films Newsies, Christopher Columbus, and weekly cartoons Goof Troop, Tasmania, & Bonkers
Public Speaker and Group Facilitator

Music Recommendations
"She possesses every attribute needed in ensemble singing. She reads music fluently, has perfect pitch, blends well with others, performs in a wide range of styles and responds immediately to direction." - Conrad Pope, composer
"...on schedule and with professionalism" - Jay Kenton, singer/arranger
"...outstanding in xylophone improvisation" - Robert Whitman, JP Morgan Chase